The Asian Youth Forum Digital Media Zone aims to provide media representatives at the AYF an open space through which they can conduct interviews with AYF speakers and delegates, and engage interested parties outside the AYF (e.g., online audience).

•Live Broadcast: real time event-related updates on DMZ screens to support media monitoring

•Expo Booth: designated spaces for different organizations to showcase projects, technologies, and innovative solutions

In celebration of the annual UN International Youth Day on 12 August, the ADB Youth for Asia (ADB YFA) gathers youth delegates from across the Asia and the Pacific to participate in the Asian Youth Forum (AYF). Aligned with ADB YFA’s goal—to mainstream youth participation in ADB operations—young leaders interact with ADB staff and representatives of civil society organizations at the AYF through capacity building sessions, and knowledge sharing activities.


For 2016, the 4th AYF focuses on enabling youth to contribute to the 2030 global agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recognizing that the current generation of young people will mature during the period covered by the SDGs, ADB YFA seeks to integrate the recently launched Youth for Global Goals (Y4GG) campaign into the AYF.

Y4GG, an initiative among different organizations such as ADB, AIESEC, UN Habitat, and Plan International, aims to educate and mobilize young people to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. AYF 2016 will also serve as a culmination of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange, an innovative capacity-building program for youth on the SDGs.